I can see her! She’s collapsed under an easel!

Help! Call 911, I’ve been robbed!

That’s what I felt like crying out today when everything I tried to do halfway artistically flopped. Instead of writer’s block, I had hand-eye coordination block. I’m usually one of those annoying people who learn things pretty quickly. Using my mind and taking on physical pursuits have always come easy. Mostly because I am usually very connected with my body and mind and am able to use that effectively.

Since I started the challenge, not so much. It’s as if the skills that I have relied on were missing or stolen. The skills I had that I excelled at were backfiring. Part of it is due to the long hiatus I took from seriously studying and working on art.

The challenge is a way for me to regain, then excel past my former skill level. Since I was basically out of commission today, I perused YouTube. I saw some artists that literally blew my mind. For a moment, I felt sad. Some of these people have so much talent. I know I need to grow more. There’s some serious training to do if I want to get to the top. Right now. I’m somewhere around the base of the mountain.

I took longer to post than usual, sorry. So it didn’t technically make it on the day it was supposed to. Number 10 will be posted later today and on time.

I have good news! I will recover what was lost. My art insurance adjuster told me so.