Inktober 2018 – Day 11 (of 16)

Taurus : Apr 20 – May20, is the opposite sign of Scorpio (the current zodiac season). It is also a Fixed sign which is famous for being “stubborn as the bull”. (Really all Fixed signs are known for that.) But Taurus’ are the most stubborn. They also love beauty and things based on the five senses. They are practical, reliable, LOVE food and anything that has to do with staying at home. Whether it’s watching tv, napping or spending time with their special someone. They also like expensive things but are willing to work for them and usually manage money well. Shout out to all my Taurus’. The important ones know who they are.

For those that do not believe in or follow astrology, it’s just a quick drawing as I get closer to Sweet Sixteen. I can say that I feel like I’m loosening up a bit and becoming more comfortable drawing again. I’m looking forward to spending more time relearning and refining my ideas. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy it with me as I rediscover myself artistically.