Today I’m feeling downright tired. I worked out today in the gym, and it was rough. It was my first workout since recovering from the second (yes, I said second) attack of under-the-weather-gremlins.  If you remember from one of my previous posts, I’d made the decision to get in better shape and be kind to my insides. It’s not that I was bad to myself before but I feel there’s always room for improvement.

I’m giving myself a little room to get back on schedule. Between art study classes and work, my time is limited. So, I drew another crest. It’s the theme thing in action.

This is the third (and last) crest for the next while (maybe). I’ve been writing out themes I’d like to pursue in the coming weeks. It gives me focus and allows me to complete a series while staying within a set subject matter.

It’s funny, sometimes you have the most freedom when you give yourself some boundaries. I’ll see how this new “bright idea” works out.