Is breaking bad?

I had a profound moment yesterday. The whole ugly-cry-deep-gulping-breaths-for-air kind of profound. Don’t worry, the moment was a positive one overall. After I settled down and emptied half a box of tissue, I started thinking about perspective. You know, glass half empty or full.

I felt exposed yet expectant. I also felt embarrassed yet emboldened at the same time. Ultimately, I knew that whatever was happening would be positive and transformative to and for my life.

So readers, ask yourself when you’re facing a serious situation or feel stress [whether good or bad], “Are you breaking (out/free)? Or, are you breaking (down/apart)?” The answer to that question is only something you can answer. Hopefully, you answer in the positive most of the time.


Today is a twofer. If you haven’t noticed by now, there’s a warmup drawing each day with a number somewhere on it . Each number represents the day of my challenge and the day related to the post. I’m on a pen & ink theme right now. Bear with me, color work will be appearing sometime soon. Ok? I’m done with the yakkety smakkety. On to the art.