Everybody needs to take a break sometime.

So today I figured I would send a gentle reminder to get your rest on. Take a break and recharge your batteries. A mental health day wouldn’t hurt either. As a former over-worker [read: fledgling workaholic], I found it hard to stop what I was doing and step away. It’s not that I enjoyed working all the time. It was just that I knew I could handle it and I didn’t want to shirk responsibility. I had this feeling that if I didn’t take care of the issue or task at hand, something would go wrong. You know what? Sometimes things did go wrong and other times not so much.

Let me tell you, staying on that over-worker track (btw: I would like to put a moratorium on the term “workaholic”) is a one way ticket to Burnoutville. All aboard! Next Stop! Nervous Breakdownopolis and Resentment Acres.

I’m learning that taking a timeout can have long-lasting positive effects. I recently started taking a step back from the 9-5 and began to regard it as just that. Since then, my life has changed for the better. I have more mental and emotional time to devote to my passions. Art being one of them. I’m a happier person now. I’m able to do more with friends and have real quality time that I can appreciate. Crazy thing is, I’m also more effective at work. Isn’t it funny/cool how when you give a little (to yourself and others), you can receive a lot?