Potassium made it happen

Potassium along with Sodium are types of salts. Both are crucial for making soap. At least consistently stable soap, that is. Potassium (K) is also #19 on the Periodic Table. For my fellow soap makers, I know that potassium hydroxide is used to make liquid (or soft soap) and sodium hydroxide is used for the bar soap variety. A bottle of liquid soap seemed kind of lackluster as the star of today’s composition. I chose the hard stuff instead. But I digress. I just wanted those who know, to know that I know the difference between the two.

Now back to me. I love making soap. It’s a fun and practical skill. The sense of accomplishment for me is tremendous. There are a lot of cool things you can do when you make soap. Different patterns, fragrances, colors and techniques. You’re only limited by your imagination (and a little thing called chemistry). It’s gratifying to see the surprise and delight on the person’s face who receives handmade soap.

I’ll have to post some of my soap creations on another occasion. Maybe I’ll make a DIY page for the craftier side of me. The adventurous people out there might get a kick out of finding out how to make something super useful and artistic with their own hands.