I’ve had a lot of time to think while I’ve been convalescing. At some point in your life, adjustments must be made. Whether it’s your perception of a specific person, place, situation or thing. I’ve decided to adjust how my current state of living.

What I mean is that I’m adjusting my health habits. I’ve always liked healthy food. Vegetables and fruit are the tops in my book. I love to cook. It’s a passion of mine. The dark side is that I also like lots and lots and lots (did I say lots enough?) of sugar-salty-spicy things. I like it to the point that braver souls tell me to turn back before it’s too late.

Sugar wasn’t what made me sick, just in case you’re wondering. But I have decided to get my body back on track, lose a few pounds and make an effort to curb some of my 7’2″ sized cravings.

I had a bit of a relapse today. I ate something that my body wasn’t ready for. The result was not pretty. My reasoning, rational self knew it was probably too soon. The craving beast I call “Sweetie Darling” wouldn’t listen. Now I’m paying for SD’s impulsiveness.

So today I thought I’d leave you with the question, “What adjustments can be made in your life that will not only enrich you but might even make other areas in your life more pleasant?”