I’ve always liked competition. Playing games, video or otherwise gives me a thrill. A surprise to me is that I’ve been really into the Olympics this year. So into it that I have watched rowing, archery and other random sports that don’t usually take center stage. I was on pins and needles watching the US vs Montenegro water polo match (the US won btw).

As a result, my art duties are slacking. Between cheering on the home team and breaking into occasional spontaneous tears (one or two not a bucket, I’m not a loon) at the efforts of the men and women participating with all their hear. I’ve never been this emotional before watching the games.

What I think is different for me, is that I’m going for my goals, my personal best this year. The time and dedication I am putting in and will be putting into future work is significant to and for me. It’s not that I didn’t care about my personal and artistic development before. But this time, I’m playing to win.

Playing to win against mediocrity, procrastination, self doubt and stress. It’s Me vs Me. My prize will not be a gold medal but lessons learned, artwork cherished and a true sense of accomplishment. These are things that I will wear as my trophy. Actions that I can be proud of. Something I can point to as one of my crowning achievements.