Today is my birthday. The Leo is my western zodiac sign. Here’s a quick rundown on lions. Lions are known as being the “king of the jungle” which is a total misconception. Primarily because they live in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia, not the jungle. Lions are mostly nocturnal or nearly crepuscular (active during dusk and dawn). So they sleep for a large part of the day. They are social creatures living in prides. Even thought the male lion is known as the iconic symbol of power and pride of the animal kingdom, the female lion actually does most of the important work. They hunt for food and take care of the young. They are very ferocious when threatened. And yet she receives no fanfare. She is underestimated. Her power is all the more dangerous for it.

I am a lioness.

There is usually a lot on my plate and I take care of it. The art challenges ahead are just one more item on my “To Do” list that I will attack with all the ferocity I have in me (which can be considerable). Most people who know me know that I’m no one to mess with.

On the other hand, I want people to be happy, enjoy themselves, be who they are. The sleeping lioness can’t be bothered about the antics of others. She only comes out when there is a need or a transgression has been committed.

However, I do have a soft heart if you can get past the very tough battle hardened exterior. I understand my walls are high. If you get past them, I will protect you as my own. Getting to know me may leave you with a few claw marks. Take them as a memento of honor and courage or as a warning. Don’t underestimate me. One day you may be sunning by a watering hole relaxing, thinking you’re safe, secure. The next thing you know you’re the guest of honor at dinner, only you’re the main course.

In honor of my birth and all other Leos out there, here’s something for us.