Day 23 (Pick a logo why don’t ya?! pt 1)

Seriously, I need a logo for this blog. I’ve created and discarded several ideas. All seem fun but my issue is that I like to change things, constantly. Tweak them as I go along. There’s a famous story about Picasso. He went to a dinner party or something like that where the hosts owned one of his paintings. Picasso was caught fixing the painting when the hosts went looking for him as he’d disappeared. He wasn’t happy with what he did at the time and wanted it to be right. So he changed it.

I have that habit. After I submit a post, I go back and change it at least five times everyday. It’s a sickness. I must be stopped (I kid, but seriously I need to quit).

My solution is that I’m going to try a few different logos. Leave a comment on your favorite one. Each day for the next few days, I’ll post a new interpretation for BPM. It’s hard for me because it’s like picking one of your friends to go on a trip that they all want to go on. You have to pick the one that will enjoy it the most, be the least annoying and you will have good times with.