So over the last few days (ahem nearly a week) I’ve had a few issues. Most of them technology related which has resulted in no posts. I truly apologize for that. I had a computer issue where I couldn’t post anything.  Then I tried my backup plan, the phone, but that didn’t go well either.  Excuse number three, if you’re counting, is that I was also dealing with the aftermath of being sick. I basically got sick again because my immune system hadn’t recovered and I haven’t been able to eat a proper meal since the before the Teeth post.

Anyway, this is the first of several catch up posts. As an act of reestablishing my contract to and with myself and the readers, I will post several new pieces over the next few days.

On a continuing art education side, I’m also trying to fit in a painting class to my packed schedule. So hopefully, I’ll have some cool stuff to show you on that front pretty soon.

Again, I apologize for the “no call, no show”. I had to deal with my health first and the technology second. Everything seems to be working again (body included).

-Black Tsunami