I know the camera is a little off. I did this in the wee hours so back off!

So #35 is kind of an interesting number. Two things that have 35 in common are photography and video games, (Tetris to be specific).

I think photography is such a wonderful medium. It can be artistic, informative, emotional and many other things I can’t think of since I typing this at 5AM. Photography catches things in the moment. It crystalizes a smile, a mood that can’t occur again because time passes. The unique moment that is documented by the camera can be so powerful. The viewer is able to step inside a memory or maybe discover a moment from someone else’s life the photographer managed to catch.

Now on to Tetris.  It’s a game that most people know. For those that don’t know, I have no words for you. Google it if you must. 35 is a tetrahedral number. Maybe that’s how the creators of the game came up with the name. Tetris is so addictive and it’s a great mental booster too. You’re constantly judging how to use different objects and make them work for you.

35 is also a pivotal time in a person’s life. It’s a milestone. I feel that life can be likened to subject of today’s post in this way: At 35 you’ve figured out (or at least you should have) how to make things fit for your life. You don’t always get the things you want the way you want them. But, maturity and a little know how help you turn that thing or situation around. You make it fit in your life.

You breathe, analyze your situation, then move forward. Take a “photo” of that moment so you’ll have it with you as time passes and things change. You can refer to it for the next time.

Again, I am typing this at 5AM and maybe I’m rambling. Deal with it. I’ve got a lot to say that I haven’t talked about in the last week. Delirium is setting in.